Who was Gennaro Lombardi?


Gennaro Lombardi was born August 6, 1887 and died on November 24, 1958. He entered the U.S.A. for the first time on November 23, 1904 with an occupation noted as a “laborer”. He married Filomena Bellucci in 1910. They had five children. Gennaro’s father Luigi was a saddle and horse accessories maker.

Birth Record & Obituary

Gennaro Lombardi’s birth record shows he was born in the San Carlo district in the city of Naples, Italy on August 6, 1887. His parents are named Luigi Lombardi and Carmela Fumo. Luigi’s occupation is listed and translates to, “saddle and horse accessory maker.”

Gennaro Lombardi’s birth record dated August 6, 1887.

Gennaro Lombardi’s New York Daily News obituary shows a date of death of November 24, 1958. Note the spouse and children which uniquely identify his family.

Gennaro Lombardi’s obituary, November 26, 1958, New York Daily News

Petition for Naturalization

Note the date of birth matches the Naples birth record exactly. Note also the date of arrival November 22, 1904 on the S.S. Calabria (this is a mistake the S.S. Calabria actually arrived on November 23, 1904). At this time witness Peter Donato was married to Gennaro’s older sister Maria.

Gennaro’s August 19, 1921 Petition for Naturalization.

Marriage License

Note where he’s living: 234 N. 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY. Note his date of birth varies from his birth record. He’s now one year younger on this document.

State of New York Marriage License

Ship Manifest

Finally here’s the crucial S.S. Calabria November 23, 1904 Ship Manifest. Note Gennaro is on row 19 right below his older sister Maria. They are both going to their brother Giuseppe at “89 Mulberry St.” They both say they have never been to the U.S.A. before (column 15).

S.S. Calabria November 23, 1904 Ship Manifest


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